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From Stages to Estates

Thea Cruz is a multifaceted individual whose journey has taken her from the captivating world of music to the exciting realm of real estate. Born with a passion for performance, Thea spent 15 remarkable years as a singer, traversing the globe to share her exceptional talents with audiences far and wide. Throughout her illustrious singing career, Thea showcased her remarkable vocal prowess, captivating audiences and winning six gold medals at the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2017. She also performed the national anthem for renowned sporting events such as the NBA and the NHL, further solidifying her status as an accomplished performer.

However, after years of thrilling audiences with her music, Thea Cruz has decided to embark on a new chapter in her life. Fuelled by a desire for new challenges and opportunities, she has made the bold decision to transition into the world of real estate. Embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, Thea is eager to leverage her inherent charisma, exceptional communication skills, and tireless work ethic to assist clients in finding their dream homes. With her impressive track record as a singer, her ability to connect with people on a deep level, and her impeccable professionalism, Thea is poised to make a remarkable impact in the world of real estate, delivering outstanding results and providing an exceptional experience to her clients.
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Thea Cruz

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